After a significant extension the garden was left with many scars – so it was decided that a re-vamp was required. Although we did not reinvent the wheel, the elements that originally existed were re-developed bigger and better. The pergola offered a place for reflection and contemplation with the timber bench being the focal point. This is surrounded by a range of plants chosen for their interesting leaf form and colour variation, as well as their blossom. The seat is gently lit from above giving evening interest from within the new conservatory. A small stainless steel sphere acts as a water feature and adds another sensory level to the garden giving the soothing sounds of water as well as the reflective ability of the polished mirrored steel. The perimeter of the garden is given to a system of tension wires allowing more scope for plants of interest as well as essential screening. At night-time the garden transforms into a magical, illuminated space, created by installing a remote-controlled lighting design consisting of subtle ‘down lights’ and dramatic spotlights. These amply highlight the client’s fabulous collection of mature Acers. All the planting areas are covered by an automated leaky pipe irrigation system. The Grey Sawn Sandstone paving coupled with the verdant green lawn makes the space feel fresh and inviting.