This Roberts Grove project required several areas to be re-worked, as the client requested that the garden area should be combined as seamlessly as possible. The mission – to create a minimal spacious area, which impressed on a grand scale. The neutral coloured Arabian Sandstone with its diamond sawn edges created a modern feel with the sparkling quartz aiding to the desired grandeur look of this garden space. The solid oak retaining wall compliments the adjacent mighty oak tree adjacent and with a touch of careful pruning the undergrowth was cleared to reveal an amazing borrowed landscape of the fields and woodland beyond. The lawn area was stripped and levelled and then re-turfed to provide the clients with an enormous play space for all to enjoy. Garden lighting was included in all the large border areas and retaining wall. Additionally the grand old oak tree was lit from beneath, giving the area the ‘wow’ factor at nightfall. A simple planting scheme was introduced for easy maintenance, however also providing year round interest and plant diversity, which will develop and mature with time.