An awkward shape in a predominantly shady position with limited access and an existing hot tub – not a problem! Squared Earth accepted the challenge and built a garden with a generous usable patio area using a brown sawn Sandstone, which compliments the brickwork of the house and the casing of the existing hot tub.

A faux retaining wall made from oak sleepers adds structure to the garden and acts as a good back drop to the planting in front. The inclusion of artificial grass gives the space a brightness and freshness where previous attempts at a lawn have failed due to the overwhelming presence of the huge, ancient protected oak tree.

A reclaimed hardwood boardwalk leads you through a heavily shaded area populated with ferns, Fatsias and dwarf bamboos making it feel quite tropical. Planting consists of multiple layers of foliage heavy plants that love the shade and partial sunshine, coupled with the dominant hedges allows a high degree of privacy for this fun filled family space.

*Designing and building a new outdoor ‘office’ for this client at present – watch this space…